‘225 Magazine’ presents Benny DiChiara from Empowered


Singer / songwriter Benny DiChiara, frontman of Christian rock band Empowered, is featured in the August 2021 issue of popular Baton Rouge, Louisiana, lifestyle publication, 225 Magazine. In the interview, on newsstands this week, DiChiara talks about music, faith and her recovery from a head injury. To read the article, click here. To view the flip magazine E) issue of the August issue, click here.

“What a joy to be able to share my story with 225 Magazine right here in my hometown! Said DiChiarra. “It’s the go-to magazine for our region and I couldn’t be more blessed. “

The summer of 2021 has been a good one so far for DiChiara and Empowered. The title taken from the group’s latest project, Three days, reached No. 1 on IndieGospel.net’s Top 20 Chart in June. At the same time, “Rock Bottom,” the album’s third single, debuted on the same chart at No.7, making it the third single from the album to enter those charts. In total, the Three days EP has now won seven number 1s on the IndieGospel.net charts in the past year.

In addition to the group’s current number 1, their single “Listen to the Children” reached No. 1 on Indiegospel.net’s Top 20 in December 2020. Their music video “Three Days” reached # 1 on the charts IndieGospel.net Top 10 videos three times: in December 2020, January 2021 and again in April 2021. Their music video “Listen to the Children” reached # 1 twice, debuting # 1 place on the IndieGospel. .net Top 10 videos in September 2020 and reached # 1 again in January 2021. “We are very touched by the support from IndieGospel staff and fans of our music,” says DiChiara.

Songs from the album performed well on Spotify as well, with “Listen to the Children” with 89,979 spins, “Three Days” reaching 54,434, “Jeremiah 29:11” garnering 50,167 and “Rock Bottom” already reaching 52. 465 rotations. . This gives DiChiara & Empowered a total of 247,045 turns of the album. Three days.

DiChiara recently attended the National Convention of Religious Broadcasters (NRB 2021), where he met and / or interviewed several media outlets, including KSBJ’s Sunday Night Live! with Kim Wier, The Meeting House on Faith Radio, the popular radio show Bill Martinez Live !, World Christian Broadcasting, MRG Media, Truth Network, the Healing Rain podcast on Charisma Podcast Networking, Let’s Just Talk! with Kathryn Raaker, and many more.

“I have been continuously blessed and touched by the many great people I have met, both in meetings and in interviews,” says DiChiara of his experience at NRB. “It is amazing to see what God will do and how He will be manifested when Christians come together for His purpose. Just a week wow! ”

The Three days is the group’s first outing since DiChiara nearly lost his life to a head injury. Its healing journey makes the group’s achievements in 2020 and 2021 all the more important.


Amanda P. Whitten

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