70 of 70: Down East Magazine features 70 people over 70

70 of 70: Down East Magazine features 70 people over 70


Highlight the people “who have broken down barriers, who are considered heroes in their communities”

ROCKPORT, Maine – Good magazines zigzag when others zigzag. They tell stories that are not only fresh and alive, but unexpected.

In its November issue, Down East took something that is often used in publishing – what editor Brian Kevin describes as the “30 under 30” or “40 under 40” features. – “power lists” that highlight newcomers in this or that field or discipline, allowing readers to know who to keep an eye on.

Down East, however, gave that formula a twist and, with a nod to Maine’s oldest population in the country, compiled a list of 70 Over 70.

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The people on the list are not celebrities, business moguls, or wealthy summer residents.

“These people have a lot of ink already,” Kevin wrote in an email to 207. Extraordinary dedication to their passions and immersed in news at an age where many of us are slowing down.

Putting together a compelling list of 70 people takes a lot of work, especially when they all fall into a fairly narrow demographic, which is why editors and writers started the project over a year ago. The work paid off. Open the pages and you will discover, among other things, a 76-year-old “pioneer edible kelp harvester”.

He’s an interesting person, and he’s someone you certainly won’t see on the “Forbes” list of the 400 richest people in the world.

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