Brad Pitt’s Latest Magazine Cover Leaves Netizens Disappointed, See Reactions

Brad Pitt’s Latest Magazine Cover Leaves Netizens Disappointed, See Reactions

Hollywood producer and actor Brad Pitt has charmed generations with his impeccable charm and acting skills. But his latest UK GQ cover left netizens appalled. The high-end magazine cover shoot features Pitt in a vibrant shirt holding a bouquet of flowers. In one of the images, which seems to have pissed off Pitt fans, the Fight Club actor is seen lying in a blue satin shirt atop a bouquet of flowers. He wears a blank expression that almost radiates the feeling of a corpse.

Netizens compared the look to a “corpse”, while some compared Pitt’s latest look for the magazine’s photo shoot to English singer David Bowie. Sharing his thoughts on the magazine’s cover, one user tweeted, “Is this the Benjamin Button prequel? Of note, Pitt starred in the 2000 film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, where his character aged backwards.

Another user commented that the cover photo showed Pitt, “A little coffin ready.” Reacting to the tweet, another follower recalled Shakespeare’s Hamlet in which Ophelia dies around a similar array of greenery and flowers. The user shared Ophelia’s death photo and wrote, “I think that’s the point? Ophelia before she dies.

For some, the cover photo reminded them of mummification as they asked GQ, “Did you embalm him for this photo shoot?”

A thanatologist also shared his take on Pitt’s latest cover photo and wrote, “I saw a lot of death and obviously there was some kind of mistake?! This photo looks like the dead man after the accident that was left on the floor of the cutting (and embalming) room from “Meet Joe Black.” Which blind crime scene photographer did you use? »

Another user also commented on the Moneyball actor’s photo and said, “It’s dead on arrival, six feet under, embalmed.”

Let’s take a look at some of the other reactions to the cover photo:

The actor in his latest interview with GQ also hinted at his retirement from acting. Pitt told Britain’s GQ he was at the final stage of his career.

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Amanda P. Whitten