Citi Flexible Loans: A Hassle-Free Way to Borrow for Citi Cardholders

Citi Flexible Loans: A Hassle-Free Way to Borrow for Citi Cardholders

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Credit card companies are continually adding new features to their card offerings to entice new customers to apply and persuade current customers to stay. Citi, one of the largest credit card companies in the United States, is no different. Its Citi Flex Plan, which includes Citi Flex Pay and Citi Flex Loan, is a benefit that offers fixed terms and flexible payment options on purchases and loans for Citi cardholders.

Citi Flex Pay allows a cardholder to repay eligible purchases charged to the card at a fixed interest rate and a fixed monthly payment. This can help cardholders pay monthly credit card payments better. Many card issuers now offer a similar benefit.

Citi Flex Loan is a card benefit not often seen with other cards. It allows a cardholder to borrow from their card’s line of credit. Here is an overview of how this loan works and how a Citi cardholder can access this card feature.

What is a Citi Flex Loan?

Cardholders can consider a Citi Flex loan as a cash advance without the high cash advance fees and annual percentage rate – which is repaid as an installment loan.

With a Citi Flex Loan:

  • There is no application form to fill out.
  • There is no credit check.
  • There are no loan origination fees.
  • The monthly payment is fixed over the term of the loan.
  • The borrower chooses the repayment term of the loan — up to 60 months.
  • The APR is fixed, so even if the credit card’s interest rate fluctuates, the Flex Loan APR remains the same.

How a Citi Flex Loan Works

A Citi Flex loan is very simple. The cardholder chooses the loan amount up to a maximum set by Citi, then selects a loan term option. Since the APR of the loan is fixed, the monthly loan payments do not vary. Citi adds the cardholder’s monthly Citi Flex loan payment to the cardholder’s minimum balance, so the cardholder still makes only one monthly payment.

When a cardholder takes out a Citi Flex loan, the available credit on their card is reduced by the amount of the loan. A cardholder can still use any remaining available credit for other purchases.

How to Get a Citi Flex Loan

Citi cardholders can log into their online account to determine if they are eligible for a Citi Flex loan.

The choice of loan conditions is simple. Citi provides the maximum amount the cardholder can borrow. The minimum is $500, and a cardholder can select the minimum, maximum, or an amount in between.

The cardholder can choose the number of monthly payments, either 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60. The monthly payment and APR will vary depending on the amount and term of the loan, and the cardholder has the option to adjust them to find the most suitable. loan conditions for their budget.

Once the loan terms have been chosen, the cardholder can request a direct deposit of the funds, which could appear in their account in as little as one business day. They can also request a check by mail.

How payments are applied to a Citi Flex loan

Monthly Citi Flex loan payments are added to the cardholder’s minimum monthly card payment, so there’s no second payment to worry about. If a cardholder makes a payment above the minimum, any amount above the minimum is applied to the outstanding balance with the highest interest rate. This can be the card balance or the Citi Flex loan balance.

For example, if the Citi Flex loan balance has an APR of 9.99% and the card has an APR of 21.99%, any payments above the minimum will go to the card balance rather than the loan balance Flex. However, if the cardholder has a low APR, such as a 0% balance transfer offer, any amount paid over the minimum monthly payment will be applied to the flexible loan balance rather than the 0 APR balance. %.

Citi Flex Loan Eligibility

Cardholders pre-screened for Citi Flex loan eligibility may see an offer when they log into their online account. A cardholder interested in a Citi Flex Loan who does not have an offer in their online account can call Citi Customer Service to find out if they are eligible.


Before taking out a loan, a consumer should compare loan options to determine which one makes the most financial sense. Some consumers will find a Citi Flex loan to be the best option. Others may find a cheaper way to borrow.

Some borrowers might be better off getting a new credit card with a 0% introductory offer than paying interest on a Citi Flex loan. Those who need a longer term loan should also check personal loan rates to ensure they are not paying more interest than necessary.


Here are some quick answers to common questions about Citi Flex plans.

  • What is a Citi Flex plan?
    • Citi Flex Plan is a credit card feature available to select Citi cardholders that offers flexible repayment terms and fixed payment options. Citi Flex Pay allows cardholders to make fixed monthly payments on qualifying purchases. Citi Flex Loan allows cardholders to borrow against their available credit at a fixed APR and fixed monthly payments.
  • Does a Citi Flex loan have a prepayment penalty?
    • A Citi Flex loan has no prepayment penalty. However, cardholders who have a card balance and a Citi Flex loan balance should determine how payments are applied. Additional payments may be applied to the regular card balance rather than the Citi Flex loan balance, depending on the APRs of the outstanding balances.
  • How long does it take to process a Citi Flex loan?
    • Once a Flex Citi loan offer is selected, funds can be received by direct deposit in as little as one business day, depending on the time the loan application is submitted and the bank’s response time. receiver.
  • Does Citi Flex Pay charge interest?
    • A Citi Flex Pay plan earns interest as defined by the terms of the plan.

Information is accurate as of July 27, 2022.

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