College of Liberal Arts launches digital magazine “Perspectives”

College of Liberal Arts launches digital magazine “Perspectives”

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“Perspectives,” the annual magazine of Auburn University’s College of Liberal Arts, will be offered digitally for the first time on November 15.

The magazine’s scrolling format and digital home helps distribute a more accessible and durable copy of “Perspectives” to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of the College of Liberal Arts.

The Fall 2022 edition includes:– An in-depth conversation with incoming Dean Jason Hicks on the future of the College of Liberal Arts– The story of a speech, language and hearing science student who helped discover her father’s life-threatening brain tumor– Progress made by Auburn Art & Art History in building its animation program– How Auburn leads the SEC in law school admissions and career readiness– Awards, honors and partnerships that have enabled Auburn Airmen to succeed

Other stories of how the College of Liberal Arts celebrates success, makes connections, and shares expertise are also featured.

“The digital version of ‘Perspectives’ allows us to celebrate our students, faculty, staff and alumni without limits,” said Dean Jason Hicks. “We are thrilled to embrace a new avenue with which to share our great College of Liberal Arts stories with more people than ever before.”

Read “Perspectives” here.

Amanda P. Whitten