Flagler County launches ‘Coast to Country’ digital magazine which includes countywide elected representation

Flagler County launched a new digital magazine “Coast to Country” on Wednesday to keep residents and visitors informed about the programs, projects and services that elected officials provide throughout the county.

“We are very happy to present our new magazine to the public. It’s been a long time coming,” said County Administrator Heidi Petito, who has devised and implemented ways to better communicate with the public since taking office. “We wanted something that would be dynamic – a change from how we typically present information to the community. It is important that all our elected officials have a voice in a single forum to reach our residents.

It is available at https://www.flaglercounty.gov/departments/administration/communications-office/coast-to-country-digital-magazine.

The first issue of this quarterly publication paints a picture of the whole county, starting with some of the biggest projects – like strategic planning and beach restoration – and moving on to the County Board of Commissioners’ 2022 vision , municipal mayors, and concludes with some glimpses of Flagler County Constitutional Offices. Legislative priorities and the educational landscape within Flagler schools are discussed.

“One of the magazine’s goals is for residents to better understand how all government entities in Flagler County are intertwined to represent our citizens to deliver services,” Petito said. “As with any new baby, we look forward to nurturing his growth.”

Amanda P. Whitten