Formal or casual? Kamala Harris magazine cover sparks discussion on social media, Entertainment News


American Vogue posted photos from their latest cover photo shoot with US Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, and while you’ll love the fashionable side of one of the world’s most powerful women, he seems to be a problem brewing next.

After the magazine shared footage of Kamala Harris wearing a formal suit for the February issue of Vogue, Harris’ crew revealed it was quite different from what they expected from this shoot.

In two stunning photos the magazine posted to their Instagram account, Kamala Harris can be dressed in a powder blue suit as she looks at the camera, another features her in comfy casual clothes with the backdrop that looks like fabric satin rose used to add color in the background.

While Kamala Harris’s team believed the powder blue suit would arrive on the cover and the other would appear on the inside, the magazine chose the opposite. Casual clothes were something Harris wore for an election campaign with sneakers.

Harris’s team were not aware that the cover photo had been altered until images leaked on Saturday night, according to a person involved in negotiations over how Harris would appear on the cover. There has been no official statement on this from the Vogue side.

The cover also sparked outrage on social media, with fans disappointed with the way the magazine chose to feature the country’s first female vice president on its cover.

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Kamala Harris is expected to be sworn in as vice president on Jan.20.


Amanda P. Whitten