Hatsu Kiss, Kodansha’s digital magazine, has closed its doors


by Kodansha Kiss Hatsu, a digital manga magazine, announced on June 25, 2021 that the 36th issue would be the final issue. With the publication of the 36th issue, the magazine officially closed its doors.

Cover of Kiss Hatsu‘last issue

The manga magazine belonged to the sub-category of the josei magazine of Kodansha. This subcategory also includes magazines such as To kiss, Be love, and I TAN.

The manga series published in the magazine move to Kodansha and pixiv’s Palcy manga reading app. These manga series understand what follows:

  • Ienai Koto o Shita no wa Dare?
  • Bukiyо̄-kun in Kataomoi no Uta
  • Ke-chan no Koibito wa Futari Iru
  • Cafe Mayonaka ni
  • Hoshikuzu Safari
  • Isekai heritage

Kiss Hatsu: A brief history

The manga magazine was originally a print magazine which was launched by Kodansha in the summer of 2014. After Kodansha’s Kiss More the magazine ceased publication in early 2014, Kiss Hatsu was intended to serve as its successor publication.

After four years of publishing printed issues, the magazine published its last printed issue in April 2018. Digital-only publication began in June 2018, and its publication calendar changed to a monthly calendar.

Other manga series published in Kiss Hatsu understand Batsukoi by Tsukiko and Steve Jobs by Mari Yamazaki.

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