IKEA Philippines makes your magazine cover dreams come true

Ikea magazine
(Photo from IKEA Philippines website)

Popular Furniture Retail Company Ikea announced that they were looking for potential people who could honor their first magazine cover in the Philippines.

The Swedish furniture brand said on Tuesday that anyone aged 18 and over can enter the competition which will last until the end of the month.

“All sizes, serious, crazy, nerd, funny, fluffy, huge, tiny – we don’t mind,” IKEA Philippines wrote on a Facebook post.

Although it generally accepts adults, those who will enter the contest as a family are not restricted by age.

“Family members included in the entry, regardless of age, will appear on the cover,” part of his mechanical noted.

Applicants must meet two criteria that weigh 50% each.

They must have “authenticity” which explains why they should be on the cover and “visual fit”, which relates to their photo provided which must match the requirements of the cover layout.

Five contestants will be chosen and will appear on the digital and/or print cover of IKEA Philippines magazine. Each of them will also win 30,000 pesos in vouchers.

The magazine’s cover winners will be announced on July 23, 2021 on its official Facebook page. They will be notified by mobile phone, email and snail email confirming their entry.

IKEA’s branch in the Philippines would be its largest physical store ever.

Its first batch of products has already arrived in the country ahead of its highly anticipated opening scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.

Amanda P. Whitten