Launch of the digital magazine The Story

Launch of the digital magazine The Story


The digital magazine The Story was launched, edited by former Smith Journal editor Chris Harrigan.

Some of Australia’s best writers and journalists appear in the first edition of The Story, a new digital magazine on the arts, crafts and science of storytelling, which has just been launched.

Edited by former Smith Journal editor Chris Harrigan, The Story is aimed at a target audience of professional storytellers in the media, communications and marketing industries. But it’s also designed to appeal to a wider audience: anyone interested in stories and wanting to find out how well-told stories can help them in their work and life.

Starring original writing by Clementine Ford (Fight Like a Girl), James Hennessy (Business Insider Australia, Pedestrian) and Rachel Withers (The Monthly), The Story bills itself as the house of storytelling over storytelling.

“The Story is for journalists hoping to grapple with the big issues in their profession, communications and marketing professionals who want to delve into the latest thoughts on storytelling, media junkies looking to see how it’s made.” the new sausage and anyone who wants to know how to tell stories better can make them better at what they do, ”says Harrigan.

He says the magazine takes a “slow journalism” approach to publishing, emphasizing thoughtful, in-depth and useful coverage to serve a diverse audience.

“It’s a place to dissect great stories to see how they work, interview professional storytellers to learn more about their craft and tackle the issues facing the media and communications worlds today,” says Harrigan. .

The Story is funded by (but editorially independent) Fireside, a storytelling-led communications agency founded by former journalist Ben Hart (Herald Sun, ABC RN). With The Story, Hart hopes to create space for “stories about stories” and a more in-depth discussion of the role stories play in our lives and our world.

“The idea came to me when I was looking for an attractive place to read about storytelling and I was amazed that it doesn’t already exist,” he says.

Designed by Melbourne’s leading independent designer Michael Precel, The Story is also home to StoryCraft, a Hart-hosted podcast exploring similar themes, which debuted in late November.

Harrigan cites James Hennessy’s article on QAnon as an example of the extent of the story.

“James’ play examines QAnon through the prism of storytelling, asking how much conspiracy theory has in common with fanfiction. It’s a creative angle on a familiar subject and indicative of the breadth of The Story’s tenure.

Harrigan brings a decade of editorial experience to his role as editor of The Story. At the Smith Journal (Frankie Press), he executed an editorial vision that Pedestrian TV said “challenged ideas about what a men’s magazine could be.” He is also a published writer, having appeared in Junkee, Frankie, The Age, New York Magazine, The Guardian and Buzzfeed.


Amanda P. Whitten