Meet some of the XXL Awards committee on the cover of XXL magazine

Meet some of the XXL Awards committee on the cover of XXL magazine


the XXL The 2022 rewards will begin in the new year, and to celebrate the occasion, XXL has set up an official council to choose who will receive a trophy. The illustrious members of the XXL The awards committee includes leaders from the music industry, A&R, marketing experts, managers, producers, DJs, publicists and a few selected veteran artists. Many board members adorn the cover of XXL The winter 2021 issue of the magazine. The artists were not invited or expected to participate in the covers, but the incredible Lil ‘Kim wanted to show her full support for XXL and awards and graciously attended a shoot in New York. The covers were snapped by the beloved Travis Shinn, who pulls the XXL First year courses every year. Meet the XXL The members of the board of directors here.

Celebrating hip-hop and honoring artist excellence in the right way are just a few of the reasons why the XXL The prices were lowered after their initial launch in 2013. While the XXL the staff will name the rappers in each category, the XXL The board members – all 158 of them – will vote for the winners. These board members are the ones who really know the culture and most of them have dedicated their professional lives to helping the rappers within the hip-hop community thrive. The artists selected for the board of directors have played an active role in giving back to the younger generation of hip-hop. So it makes sense to offer all of these people the opportunity to crown the winners.

Meet the members of the XXL Awards Board of Directors

XXLThe People’s Champ Award will be open to the public to vote on from January 10, 2022. This is when fans will also have the opportunity to cast their vote. The nominees and winners of the 12 categories will be announced on January 24, 2022. At this time, there will be no real awards ceremony. Maybe someday, maybe not. For now, the XXL The awards will be posted online at

See who’s on the covers:

Cover 1: Just Blaze, Tresa Sanders, Amina Diop, DJ Clue, DJ Self, Noah Friedman, Alan Grunblatt, Roberta Magrini, Rob Caiaffa, Ray Daniels, TT Torrez, Giovanna Melchiorre, Drew “Dru Ha” Friedman, Bill Wilson, Gabrielle Peluso, Orlando McGhee, Traci Adams, Wendy Washington, James Cruz, LaTrice Burnette, Natina Nimene, Leesa Brunson-Boland, Marsha St. Hubert, Mike Kyser, Lil ‘Kim, Sydney Margetson, Thea Mitchem

Cover 2: DJ Whoo Kid, Mike Caren, Laura Stylez, Big Boy, Ghazi Shami, Laura Carter, Nicole Wyskoarko, J Grand, Yves Pierre, Chaka Zulu, Dana Meyerson, Tim Hinshaw, Echo Hattix, Theola Borden, Steve “Steve- O “Carless, Lenny” Lenny S “Santiago, Dallas Martin, Shawn Barron, Jean Nelson, Gee Roberson, DJ Drama, Leighton” Lake “Morrison, Kathryn Frazier, Mark Pitts, Erika Montes, Kevin Liles, Phylicia Fant, Kendell” Sav “Freeman, Gaby Acevedo, Amir Boyd, Doc Wynter, Mona Scott-Young

Cover 3: Kawan “KP The Great” Prather, Steve Rifkind, Chris Atlas, Fadia Kader, Caroline Yim, Zach Iser, Simone Mitchell, Wayne Hampton, Jeff Vaughn, Caroline “Baroline” Diaz, Pierre “P” Thomas, Anthony “Top Dawg “Tiffith, Ezekiel Lewis, Melissa Victor-Burkhardt, Rick Sackheim, Tramiel” Twin “Clark, Shawn” Tubby “Holiday, Kenoe Jordan, JD Anderson, Girvan” Fly “Henry, Terrence” Punch “Henderson, Emmanuel Cuny, Bu Thiam , Dr Kevin “Coach K” Lee, Britney Davis, Ebonie Ward, Tammy Brook, Sylvia Rhone, Ethiopia Habtemariam, Courtney Lowery

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