Megyn Kelly quarrels with Naomi Osaka over magazine

Megyn Kelly quarrels with Naomi Osaka over magazine


Despite the outbreak of the delta-plus coronavirus variant in the United States and Florida facing record Covid-19 hospitalizations, state governor Ron DeSantis has banned mask warrants.

With DeSantis sticking to that decision, it has drawn criticism from various members of the media, including remarks from Joy Behar of “The View,” who is furious at the governor’s choice.

The discussion started with Whoopi Goldberg expressing confusion over DeSantis’ ban on mask warrants. Behar would step in and tear up the governor of Florida for continuing to stick to his decision not to tell his citizens to hide as the Delta variant rises in the state.

“You are just a long way from calling him a careless, murderous sociopath. Because that’s what he is. This guy – first of all, wasn’t he popular a short time ago, silencing critics, no warrant for anything, hiding data, canceling mask warrants? And now 10,000 new cases yesterday of COVID, ”Behar said.

“87% increase in the number of children under 12. And then this sociopath, this dangerous criminal, tells the schools that they will cancel the funding if they insist on a mask warrant. “

The “The View” co-host speculated on DeSantis’ reasoning for his decision to stick to the ban, saying the governor is putting lives at risk only to improve the longevity of his political career.

“I mean, what is he doing?” What is he doing? “Said Béhar.” He is risking the lives of children, parents of children, their grandparents, anyone with whom they may come into contact so that he can call on his base white supremacist and pursue his career and be reelected?


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