Mina Habchi on the launch of niood, her digital magazine


Mina Habchi launched her digital magazine, niood, on fashion, lifestyle, travel, the arts, astrology and wellness, with a particular focus on sustainability.

The recently launched niood magazine has curated articles that feature the experiences and ideas of the fashionista, the modern traveler, the trend designer and those who actively promote creative movements that positively enrich our lives.

niood is a lifestyle magazine for the avant-garde

niood covers both established and emerging brands and wants to give voice to those who are building our beautiful world of tomorrow.

“I want to give every designer a chance to have more visibility because there are too many people with brilliant and awesome ideas who fail to be visible and have proper marketing because they just don’t specialize in this area and do not have the financial resources to devote to it, ”says Mina Habchi.

Readers visit niood.com to discover new brands and places where they would feel more comfortable and ethical to wear or stay. This is what niood primarily aims to provide.

Focus on durability and quality over quantity

Products and experiences are handpicked based on quality and ethics. niood only promotes high caliber products ranging from an everyday convenience item to a unique luxurious and eclectic find that marks memories.

“I felt there was a need to bring a new kind of perspective,” says Mina. “We lacked an online guide that would curate great, sustainable, quality parts and destinations. I want my readers to consume and travel better, not more. I want them to prioritize quality over quantity. This is a very important aspect these days because we cannot continue to live like this anymore.

Sustainability is a key aspect of niood. Indeed, the magazine mainly focuses on sustainable destinations and hotels and favors emerging sustainable brands to bring them more visibility. Mina adds: “Fashion and travel need to be drastically improved as these are major polluting industries that need to shift to a more ethical and sustainable model. Hotels and fashion brands need to pay more attention to their supply chains and become more ethical. Niood is also against all ‘fast-fashion’ brands.

Promote sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion is slowly gaining ground and Mina Habchi is leading the change. Indeed, niood focuses on sustainable emerging brands that can prove that their business models are ethical, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

“Today, what’s important in the fashion industry is to counter the fast-paced fashion and choose quality items and clothing over low-quality, non-recyclable items. This is why – at niood – we aim to help, promote and talk mainly about emerging brands that want to gain more visibility online while doing good in this world. Indeed, they produce quality clothes or accessories in an ethical and sustainable way. said Mina Habchi.

“With the advent of social media, we’ve also seen a significant increase in the production and consumption of fast fashion as well as multiple ‘ports’ of shoddy products from influencers. As an influencer myself, I realize how important it is to create content on a regular basis, but over time I’ve also realized how unethical it can be, as we, the influencers, aim to provide a good means of consumption and must instead promote quality products. “adds Mina Habchi

The ultimate guide to sustainable places in the world

niood is also the ultimate guide to sustainable places around the world. Obviously, an online place listing the ethical and eco-friendly places around the world was lacking and niood is providing it now.

“Our travel guide is probably the most comprehensive section of our magazine. Together with the niood travel team, we researched, assessed and listed the most sustainable places and hotels as they clearly need to be an additional filter on our travel plans. Our carbon footprint must be reduced and offset. adds Mina Habchi.

Visit niood.com for more information. Niood is also available in French on niod.fr, and in Spanish the niood.es. You can also find niood on Instagram @nioodmag.


Amanda P. Whitten