New digital magazine explores the next phase of traveler loyalty


The effects of the pandemic continue to powerfully alter nearly every aspect of the travel and hospitality industry. While companies have tried to predict what to come in this time of recovery, it has become clear that they need to remain as nimble and versatile as possible and adopt a dynamic mindset of creativity and pragmatism to navigate the market. unpredictability.

This is especially true for business travel, which is still slow to rebound – and perhaps forever changed – especially when it comes to the relevance of traditional loyalty programs. In order to spur new growth, travel agencies need to rethink their loyalty ideas and strategies and become more responsive and responsive to the emerging needs of the modern business traveler.

Emily Weiss, Head of Global Travel at Accenture, explains: “Consumer behaviors have been massively disrupted and, with a long period of estrangement from travel, habits and loyalty may have faded. Customer retention requires careful strategic consideration, focusing on the areas we refer to as ‘soul’, ‘mind’ and ‘body’, or the experience model, data model and the business model, respectively. Competing for consumers using old tactics and point-based models simply won’t work in the fight for consumer loyalty.

To help travel industry leaders return to growth and prosper, Accenture launched its first issue of “Guide», A new digital magazine exploring the changing realities of travel and how industry leaders are facing the future. The Guide shows how companies can adopt their “adaptive gene” to seize new opportunities, restore customer confidence and generate agile cost models.

The October 2021 issue of the magazine features:

  • A video by Keith Barr, CEO of IHG Hotels & Resorts, on how IHG is taking a customer-centric approach to rethinking business travel and loyalty as the business emerges from the pandemic
  • A look at the new face of loyalty in a rapidly changing business travel ecosystem
  • Highlights from Accenture Travel, Tech & Trust podcast interview with Gonzalo Carpintero, senior vice president of EMEA operations and head of business transformations, Radisson, on the new leisure traveler
  • Thoughts from Helen Hickson, Head of Corporate Mobility at Accenture, Head of One of the World’s Largest Business Travel Groups
  • Thoughts from travel leaders on how travel can inspire inclusion

This content was created in collaboration by Accenture and the branded content studio Skift, SkiftX.


Amanda P. Whitten