Our November digital magazine is here!

The November edition of Education Officer digital magazine is now online and ready to read!

We are very happy here at EdExec HQ as after what seemed like a lifetime, we ultimately have to hold our EdExec Live events. Despite the various challenges of hosting a pandemic event, we managed to organize our live event in London and Manchester within two weeks! Usually we leave about four months between events, but we were so determined to have both happen ASAP, that we went ahead and had one in late September and early October. Both days were a big success and it was wonderful to welcome all of you adorable SBLs again, and (after a well-deserved break) we can’t wait to welcome you again in the New Year – keep an eye out for the Appointment!

Speaking of the event, in case you missed it or if you were going and wanted to relive the day, in this issue we have our review giving a taste of the day and the seminars which took place through the South and North event. In the rest of the issue, Sue Birchall, who was actually one of the speakers at the South event, explains how to support staff with mental health issues. We speak to Keith Rondeau, Principal of St Marks Elementary School, about being one of four schools nationwide to be mentioned in the Education Endowment Foundation report. We also analyze the numbers and analyze the statistics of admissions calls in England and look at changes to the process of paying school fees. Jonny Coates discusses the importance of good property management and Stephen Peach explains how to deal with the feeling of being overwhelmed – a feeling that I know SBLs know all too well.

As always, we would love to hear all of your suggestions for the magazine. If you want to get involved EdExec, or if you want us to cover a certain topic, let us know. Contact [email protected] or tweet @edexec with ideas, opinions or success stories.

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Amanda P. Whitten