Our October digital magazine is here!

The October edition of Education Officer digital magazine is now online and ready to read!

Nights are falling, the leaves are starting to turn brown, the temperature is dropping… Autumn is officially here! What better excuse than the change of seasons to spend your evenings bundled up in a blanket, drinking hot chocolate. Now I know you are SBLs who don’t know the definition of putting your feet up because of your back-and-forth attitudes and endless to-do lists but, trust me, if there was one. time for you to enjoy a cozy night’s sleep and indulge in some time for me is now!

Speaking of wellness, we start this issue by looking at how nurses in schools could help student mental health and why it’s time to change mindsets around SEN students. As we all know, communication is key and we have two experts in the field telling us how to improve it in two different areas. Simon Hepburn discusses new ways to market your school and Stephen Peach explains how you can avoid communication problems with your colleagues.

Sustainability will be one of the biggest issues that schools seek to address in the years to come; we’re talking to Leeds East Academy who already have it at the forefront of their curriculum, and Helen Burge gives us her advice on changes you can make in your school now to help tackle climate change. Val Andrew reflects on what we have learned over the past 18 months and looks forward to how the lessons learned can inform what schools are doing in the future. We also have practical tips on how to recruit overseas teachers and guides on the Conditions Improvement Fund and the EdTech demonstration program.

As always, we would love to hear all of your suggestions for the magazine. If you want to get involved EdExec, or if you want us to cover a certain topic, let us know. Contact [email protected] or tweet @edexec with ideas, opinions or success stories.

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