President Zelenskyy’s magazine cover circulating on social media is a fake

President Zelenskyy’s magazine cover circulating on social media is a fake

An image purporting to show the cover of a recent issue of German satirical magazine Titanic is circulating on social media.

This shows a caricature of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyywith its mouth depicted as a black hole drawing money and weapons, and features the caption “Ewiger Appetit”, which translates to “endless appetite”.

The corner of the cover also features text suggesting it is from the October 2022 edition of the magazine, and many accounts share picture seem to think that it is an authentic cover.

Titanic editor Julia Mateus said Reuters that the image was not an official cover of Titanic magazine, and Full Fact contacted her to confirm this. We couldn’t find any reference to the Titanic cover website Where Twitter accountwho instead promote an October edition of the magazine with a different cover.

This edition features a cover showing an image of the German city of Dresden after the Allied bombings during World War II, with the caption “Koloniale Verbrechen: So litt Deutschland unter der britischen Krone”, which translates to “Colonial crimes: how Germany suffered under the British crown”.

The cover also features an image of King Charles III, with the caption “When will King Charles apologize?”.

Full Fact was unable to verify the source of the false coverage. We have written about false versions of news stories before as part of our online misinformation fact-checking work.

Image reproduced with the kind permission of Presidential Office of Ukraine

Amanda P. Whitten