PubHTML5 offers professional publishing of digital magazines

PubHTML5 offers professional publishing of digital magazines


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Many magazine publishers have embraced the digital publishing trend. They recognize the direction of technology in the world, and they are scrambling to catch up. One of the challenges that many publishers face is finding the right tool to make their publications digital without breaking the bank. Now PubHTML5 is here to take the guesswork out of publishing digital magazines ( The platform is free with an affordable premium plan available. And it’s super easy to use.

PubHTML5 is the easiest-to-use digital magazine publishing platform. No technical or coding skills are required; users simply upload their PDF, MS Office or OpenOffice files and they are instantly converted into web-compatible HTML5 flipbooks. The magazines are stored on the PubHTML5 cloud and can be shared with millions of people around the world who use the platform.

With PubHTML5, publishers have twelve templates they can customize to create the best version of their digital magazine. They can select different themes, adjust the layout, change colors, and even add function buttons. There is a desktop version, but users can just as easily create exceptional magazines using the online version.

Publishing digital magazines allows publishers to provide their readers with a more immersive experience. It goes beyond talking to readers about topics and showing them pictures. With digital magazine publishing, magazines can include videos and audio that take the reader to fantastic places, animations that bring ideas to life, and links that give them easy access to products and additional information. . Most of all today’s readers want information at their fingertips, and digital magazine publishing makes it possible.

PubHTML5 allows publishers to optimize their magazines for viewing on any device. That way, whether readers are using desktops, laptops, or mobile devices, their magazine is automatically configured to provide the best reading experience. And maybe the best part about digital magazine publishing is the availability of the content anywhere, anytime.

Publishers have various options for distributing their digital magazines. As mentioned, the PubHTML5 site is a great platform. They can also embed magazines on websites, share them via email or social media with URL instead of large files.

“Digital magazine publishing is the future, and we’re here to help shape it,” said Winston Zhang, CEO of PubHTML5.

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About PubHTML5
PubHTML5 is a world-class digital publishing platform specializing in the production of eye-catching magazines.

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