Reading Glass magazine presents “America’s most liberated woman’s journey”

Reading Glass magazine presents “America’s most liberated woman’s journey”

The significant memoirs of Barbara Williamson are the subject of a full article in the third issue of The Reading Glass Magazine

PEMBERTON, NEW JERSEY, USA, Sept. 15, 2022 / — ‘The Journey of America’s Most Liberated Woman’ is a testament to the liberated life of Barbara Williamson. Called “America’s most liberated woman” and considered the “godmother” of polyamory, Williamson defied the conservative Sixties.

Williamson co-founded the controversial Sandstone Retreat with her life partner, John. They designed a home for an unstructured free love community so bizarre it caused the media to demand interviews. To this day, Sandstone Retreat’s impact is still felt, its relevance remains, its ideology is still of interest – and The Reading Glass Magazine wouldn’t pass up the opportunity for an interview.

Reading Glass Magazine, a community that sparks conversations, was privileged to have a short but insightful virtual interview with “America’s Most Liberated Woman” herself, Barbara Williamson.

In a full feature story for the third issue of The Reading Glass Magazine, Williamson warmly reflects on the beautiful sandstone retreat she built with her husband. “We were ‘spiritual beings simply having a human experience on planet Earth,'” she points out. The conversation continues with how the Williamsons positively handled one particular marriage.

Speaking so sincerely, Williamson’s exclusive reporting with The Reading Glass Magazine is every bit as authentic as her revealing memoir, “The Journey of America’s Most Liberated Woman.” She humbly revels in the highlights of her life and shares succinct insights that are so inspiring, like the sensual revolution she pioneered.

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