Star Magic will launch digital magazine Slay with Alexa on the cover

MANILA – “I’m Alexa Ilacad and I’m ready to kill.”

That was the actress-singer’s statement on Friday as she announced she was the first cover girl for Slay, Star Magic’s new digital magazine.

Ilacad, 22, revealed his role in launching Slay via a Kumu stream using the Star Magic Channel.

Talent agency ABS-CBN describes the title as “a digital video magazine celebrating the beauty and power of women.”

Slay is also said to be “a platform where women can have fun as a cover girl and discover themselves by sharing their own inspirational stories.”

Prior to Ilacad’s confirmation of being Slay’s first-ever cover girl, she spoke about wanting to pose sexy for a magazine, but on the condition that its theme has an uplifting message for women.

“I don’t want it to be too much or too revealing. I just want people to see this confident, empowered woman, and that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to strip down and show it all. I want it sexy but with class, elegance,” she explained.

Ilacad has in the past shared photos of herself flaunting her fit figure on social media.

During her time on “Pinoy Big Brother,” a conversation with the reality show’s resident psychologist-psychiatrist revealed that the actress suffered from body dysmorphia and depression.

The key episode, where a tearful Ilacad also spoke to his mother about his condition, was praised for shedding light on mental health and sparking conversation about it.

Amanda P. Whitten