The Boys’ Homelander is Pure Evil in Mutiny Magazine Cover Art

The Boys’ Homelander is Pure Evil in Mutiny Magazine Cover Art


Darick Robertson and Tony Aviña just brought back The Boys’ Homelander for the cover of Mutiny Magazine # 1. He looks as evil as fans remember him.

Even though Dynamite Comics The boys officially concluded his story, Mutiny Magazine just brought Country back with a new cover for its first issue. The boys cCo-creator Darick Robertson returns with colourist Tony Aviña as he brings his classic style to the world’s most famous Supe. Of course, anyone who has read the comics or even watched a bit of Amazon’s hit adaptation knows that Homelander is truly the worst of all. But it’s also incredibly popular, which is part of the reason why the first issue of the new magazine sold on day one of release.


Although Darick Robertson is best known for his art in The boys and Trans-metropolitan, he also drew several DC and Marvel Comics, including several issues of Wolverine. In the Wolverine 2003 series, Robertson illustrates an underrated script called “The Brotherhood, where Logan tracks down the killers of an innocent girl named Lucy Braddock. It’s obvious that Robertson knows how to draw smug and vengeful anti-heroes, whether it’s Marvel Comics’ Wolverine or Billy Butcher from The boys.

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FairSquare Mutiny Magazine focuses on both mainstream and indie comics with a variety of features, interviews, and original comedic stories. The first issue aptly includes an interview with Garth Ennis, who co-created The boys and Homelander with Robertson. Big fans of The boys Be aware that Ennis got into superhero comics quite late in his life. Unlike Robert Kirkman’s Invincible, another satirical critic of the superhero comedy genre, Ennis said he hates superheroes. The character of Homelander perfectly displays all this resentment. Although the too dark tone of The boys and Homelander’s crimes are probably too dark to be “realistic,” they highlight the abuse of power that occurs in the real world. Fans can read more about Ennis’ thoughts and find out more about his new comic book series in Magazine of the Mutiny.

Most fans might not remember the names of the comic book colorists, but Tony Aviña should change that. His work for DC’s Batman ’66 and Wonder Woman ’77 looks amazing and accurately captures the color of TV adaptations. He also worked with Darick Robertson on the very first issue of The boys, which makes him a longtime collaborator just as much as Robertson when it comes to Homelander.

Especially after The boys‘TV adaptation, the world is thirsty for more mature, satirical and superhero-critical stories. Some might say that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has drained longtime fans of superhero excitement. Maybe others just never got on the superhero fad train. However, Country will be back in Amazon Prime Season 3 The boys.

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