The latest issue of Business & Finance Magazine features an interview with John Hume Jr. – Business & Finance

The latest digital edition of Business and finance has been published.

The latest digital edition of Business and finance has been published. Editor-in-Chief Sarah Freeman writes:Hello and welcome to this print edition of Business & Finance, a return to print that brings with it a festive air. This is also the sixth digital edition of the magazine.

Our theme is ‘New Era, No Limits’ and in this issue we collect insights from some of the brightest minds in business who have been shortlisted for the Business & Finance Awards.

The prestigious Business & Finance Awards took place on April 12 with a live, in-person gala ceremony at the Convention Center in Dublin. Special guests included Henry (Hank) Paulson, 74th US Treasury Secretary and the Hume family among a host of other business and political leaders.

We talk to John Hume Jnr. about his father’s passion for civil rights and his parents’ commitment to the people of Northern Ireland.

We cover the Ireland Day celebrations on the New York Stock Exchange which saw Ireland INC launch a strategic plan for the growth of Irish businesses across the US, backed by Ibec and Select USA.

This print issue also features an interview with Alice Mansergh, Director of Customer Solutions UK and Ireland at Google, who describes the upskilling that thousands of Irish businesses have undertaken over the past two years. years to enhance their online storefront and take advantage of increased global customer opportunities.

We hear Steven Roberts, Chief Marketing Officer of Griffith College, talk about the future of data protection and Eamon Fennell, MBA student, describes his experience as the first recipient of the UCD Smurfit School MBA Scholarship.

Importantly, we cover a new Business for Good partnership with UNICEF Ireland and Business & Finance, in association with KPMG. UNICEF is at the forefront of delivering lifesaving aid to children in Ukraine, where 7.5 million children are currently at risk due to Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine . The invasion, which began just weeks ago, has forced millions of Ukrainians from their homes and destroyed cities across the country. To help alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, please donate at

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Amanda P. Whitten