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This Month’s Internet Retailers Magazine Articles | 360 digital commerce

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Internet Retailer provides award-winning analysis of the global online retail market, not available anywhere else, to more than 44,000 retail executives. Internet Retailer’s data-driven coverage explores trends in marketing, technology, e-commerce operations, online marketplaces, omnichannel retail, and more.

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More men than women hold leadership positions in e-commerce. But the landscape is slowly changing as more and more opportunities open up for women in online retail.

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Although the wedding industry has traditionally been store-based, more and more brides and grooms are purchasing items online for their wedding ceremonies and receptions.

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Almost all online shoppers read reviews when considering purchasing products. And smart retailers are finding creative ways to collect and leverage customer opinions more.

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Retailers are finding that live chat can generate more value than just customer service. To increase conversion and generate additional income, merchants like lingerie retailer Bare Necessities provide live chat with agents who are knowledgeable about their products.

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Shoptalk wants to help retailers looking to invest in new technology decide how to spend that money wisely, and also motivate attendees with success stories from brands and retailers effectively implementing new technology.

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The college book and college store retailer has invested $ 50 million in e-commerce technology and says it can now make changes and improvements to the site much faster.

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Many market sellers focus on improving the details that consumers see on a product page, such as titles, images, and descriptions to convert buyers. These are five examples of ways market sellers can increase conversion rates with minimal cost.

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