Top 100 Magazine Cover Features Attitude University Founder Glenn Bill as Top Innovator and Entrepreneur

Top 100 Magazine Cover Features Attitude University Founder Glenn Bill as Top Innovator and Entrepreneur


Glenn Bill on the cover of Top 100 magazine

National magazine features the world’s most accomplished and esteemed thought leaders

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, November 10, 2022 / — Bill-Bill— leading sales strategist, acclaimed business speaker and best-selling author — is featured on the cover of the new Innovators & Entrepreneurs edition of Top 100 Magazine, a national publication dedicated to finding the brightest thought leaders , the most accomplished and esteemed in the world.

Bill’s cover opener praises the two-time bestselling author as “the rare person who can truly say his work has touched millions.” A nationally recognized attitude coach, sales strategist, and former high school football coach with thirteen state championships, Bill is the creator of the Attitude Movement, founder of the Attitude Universityand host of the award-winning national competition Get the Attitude podcast.

The university is a comprehensive program offering workshops, courses, lectures and various forms of outreach, all designed to enhance attitude development, management and realignment in a team or corporate structure. “We strive to make the University of Attitude the world’s premier source for attitude awareness, diagnosis and development,” says Bill. “We believe everyone can benefit from learning why they do what they do, think what they think, feel what they feel, and how to reprogram negativity into a positive force for others.”

“My goal as a business results speaker, strategist and coach is to develop an aligned attitude and company culture so that a winning attitude is received by all who engage, creating a tangible rebound result for leaders,” he said. “A winning attitude is solution-based, collaborative and always puts others first. My work helps people stop existing as individuals and realize that fulfillment is only created by helping others.

Over the past ten years, Glenn has delivered keynote addresses to clients such as MetLife, Wells Fargo, Chase, CENTURY 21, and various national and state associations, creating high performance sales, leadership, management, and customer service. . In the Top 100 article, he explains that his brand approach is to “never give the same presentation twice.” He leaves each audience with “ten attitude strategies to take home to not only make them better business colleagues, but also better spouses, parents, friends, and community-minded people.”

A recent attendee said “Bill’s message is genuine and real and will speak to everyone in the room, regardless of background or position.”
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BIO: Glenn Bill is a serial entrepreneur and an avid learner of attitude and self-improvement.
He started his career as a real estate agent® and assistant high school football coach. He was aligned with amazing people who helped him achieve high levels of success in both fields, and he is extremely grateful and humbled for their impact on his life, studies and attitude.
Shortly after beginning his sales career, he purchased a franchise business and, with two partners, grew it into one of the largest franchises in the world. He continued to coach during this expansion as well as selling to his extensive network. Glenn’s attitude and passion carried him through those busy years, juggling three careers at once.

His greatest accomplishment and greatest inspiration are his childhood sweetheart and his wife and four children. They are the “why” of its dynamism, its success and its development.
After seventeen years as a broker/owner, Glenn sold his real estate business and began educating, training and inspiring others using the techniques, ideas and effort he learned from his mentors. He drew content for his first two programs from the seventeen years of sales meetings he produced for his rapidly growing businesses. One is primarily a real estate sales training program called Source of Sales (Sales Training for REALTORS) and the other is a program called Stretch (Personal Development Program for Salespeople).
Glenn’s latest venture is Attitude University. His goal: to change the world one attitude at a time. He is the author of The ABC’s of Attitude: Discover Your Secret Formula for Success in Your Personal and Professional Life, Increase Your Emotional Intelligence and GET ATTITUDE! It is aimed nationwide at an audience that is hungry to increase the production, profitability and morale of their team or company.

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