Variety magazine presents an in-depth story about Nevis tourism


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CHARLESTOWN, Nevis – Variety, an industry-leading magazine and flagship of all things entertainment, presented Nevis’ groundbreaking deal with MSR Media to shoot six films on the island.

Variety editor Anna Marie de la Fuente interviewed Nevis Tourism Authority chief executive Jadine Yarde and MSR media producer Philippe Martinez for the in-depth story, and cited a statement released by the ‘hon. Prime Minister Mark Brantley on the government’s desire to partner with filmmakers to develop a film industry in Nevis.

The article describes the strict health and safety protocols developed and implemented by the government of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis to protect both visitors and citizens. He noted that there had been very few cases of COVID-19 and no deaths. He said Nevis is one of the safest places in the world. Producer Philippe Martinez admitted that Nevis ticked all the boxes in the health and safety protocols that would make production of the film possible.

The Nevis Tourism Authority helped facilitate the movement of production crews to the island. His efforts included negotiating preferential hotel rates and accessing multiple locations across the island. Filming for the romantic comedy “One Year Off” directed by Brad Weston and co-written by Kate Wood, Martinez and Stewart Thompson has already started on the island.

According to the Yarde, the production will generate at least 150 jobs and inject US $ 1 million into the economy. More importantly, it will boost everyone’s morale as tourism has been cut in half due to the pandemic.

In addition, MSR Media announced the creation of an education program to train the local population in various roles on the set with the aim of strengthening the island’s production infrastructure. They will hire at least 30 local actors who will receive acting lessons from a Shakespearean actor who has lived in Nevis for 20 years.

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