Wedding magazine presents non-binary fashion for the first time in its history

Wedding magazine presents non-binary fashion for the first time in its history


A big wedding magazine put gender fluid marriage fashion in the spotlight in its latest issue.

The November issue of Love Inc. first features non-binary wedding fashion on the cover.

“The goal was to present an innovative and unprecedented look at the evolution of wedding attire,” said Brittny Drye, editor-in-chief of Love Inc.

The magazine gained international fame in 2015 when it became the first wedding magazine to remove the genre from the cover. This featured cover Androgynous model Dylan Stephens in an Inbal Dror caped wedding dress.

The last issue cover Pull take place in an abandoned church in Philadelphia. Drye said the setting captures the beauty of non-binary styles and showcases homosexual styles that embody an individual.

“Fashion is a way for many of us to find and express the freedom to be who we are and this story had to be told in a wedding landscape.,’ she said.

The magazine regularly publishes alternatives to “traditional” wedding attire. It also leads the industry leader to break social and gender norms.

“While we’ve certainly come a long way in terms of LGBTQ placement in the marriage industry, it’s still done in a very binary way,” said Drye.

“I hope this opens the conversation about creating more non-binary and inclusive content in a traditionally very heteronormative and cisgender-driven industry.”

Fashion stylist Krista Roser created the looks for the shoot. Roser used by well-known fashion designers and also those known to be more gender neutral.

Drye chose “Dreamy Androgyne” as the theme for the photoshoot. Jake Models TheBarbera and Vanessa Villegas drew on the masculine and feminine sides to make both looks a reality.

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