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Wow! The return photo of Charo Santos on the front cover of a magazine

The photographs are treasures, all the more ancient which transport us in time. That’s what happened last night when veteran actress Charo Santos-Concio posted an invaluable photo of herself, her very first magazine cover when she was just 15.

“Just a little flashback… my very first magazine cover when I was 15. Back then it was called ‘hot pants’,” she shares.

Weekly Women’s magazine is dated June 25, 1971, the photo shows a young Charo Santos in a sleeveless denim romper with striking graphic hues, paired with white above-knee boots. Both styles are reminiscent of the fashion transition of the 1960s and 1970s.

Many prominent people couldn’t help but leave comments in the post, including Karen Davila who said, “Wooow! Incredible that you were able to preserve this!

The seasoned actress replied, “So that I could share important moments in my life with my children and grandchildren—” Once upon a time there was this pretty awkward and shy girl who faced her fears just to make her mother happy. ! ”




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